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Knitting Frenzy

Since finding out our new little bundle of joy is a girl I’ve been in overdrive. I’ve started a baby sac, a kimono, and I dyed a bunch of yarn. The yarn should go up on my Etsy store, but I’m eyeing up a purplish worsted weight that would make a really cute sweater set.

To make matters even more conducive to knitting the kiddos are on spring break and the weather is supposed to hit the mid 70’s this week. This is unheard of for March in Wisconsin. We’re still usually snowmobiling now. Not that I’m complaining. I had a serious case of spring fever this year.


The twilight zone

There are times it feels like I’m living in the twilight zone. Tuesday was one of those days. I had my ultrasound so the girls were home. I had to go to the bathroom again (hard to imagine) so I asked Alex to start my car. She has done this more than once, no problem or so I thought. I walk out onto the porch to see my car barreling toward the gate of the drylot. My youngest daughter screaming at the top of her lungs. Now keep in mind that Alex will be 16 on April 6, she has not only started my car before but actually driven it in the driveway. But for some reason apparently when she started it, she didn’t realize it was in gear. Than instead of stalling it which is particularly easy to do with this vehicle she launched it forward right through the gate barely missing the barn and the two posts supporting the gate. As well as just missing 3 very startled horses. Why not hit the brake you ask, good question, apparently she couldn’t find it. I’m not quite sure if she was looking in the backseat or on the ceiling but she couldn’t find it! Luckily she brought the car to a stop just inside the gate with minimal damage to the car or the gate. The situation now under control off to my ultrasound. Who would have thought I would be juggling teen driver wanna-bes a daughter getting ready to graduate from college and a baby on the way.

The best part of the day… a healthy baby GIRL!!! Who in 16 years may start my car only to not find the brake and go plummeting through the drylot gate. Except in 16 years I will be.. wait I’m not doing the math I don’t need to be on anti-depressants as well.


       You can tell pregnancy brain is getting the better of you when you start forgetting things that in the not so distant past would be second nature. On Saturday I went on a quilting bus trip with my mom. Since I had to leave so early I had all my essentials ready to go (water, food, sunglasses, ect.). We arrive at our destination with only one bathroom stop en-route (I’m very proud of that) only to discover that our first stop was 2 hours away.This should have been obvious but for whatever reason I overlooked the whole bus part of the bus trip. Now I hit panic realizing that I HAVE NO KNITTING. Nothing. No yarn, no needles nothing. I’m starting to break out in a sweat 2 hours to our first stop. What would I do with myself? Sit there, talk? The idea brought panic to my heart. And than… I swear this is true.. a ray of sunshine broke through the clouds illuminating the sign in the quilt shop window  “YARN”. I bought 2 skeins of blue cotton and 2 skeins of green cotton plus a size 7 needle. The day was saved from catastrophe and I wound up with this:
When I finish the hat I’ll write up the pattern and post it.

Instant (or almost) Gratification

I’ve had some time to get some baby knitting in. I started the Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting yesterday. It’s a super easy and very fast pattern. This has been a great change from the baby jumper which seems to be taking forever. I love large projects and forget the feeling of accomplishment from small quick projects.

On Sunday I reached 20 weeks into my pregnancy! Halfway through!! I can’t believe how fast it’s going. We have the ultra sound on Tuesday. Hopefully baby will cooperate and we’ll know if it’s a boy or a girl. Than the gender specific knitting can commence.

Rainy Days

After four straight weeks of remodeling, daily trips to Home Depot and non-stop work the sound of rain on my roof as I woke this morning was like a quite whisper. “What was it saying?” you ask. You need to sit and knit quietly for a little while. I thought this was a brilliant idea. So I did. Two whole hours of uninterrupted knitting. Pure bliss!! Even the dogs thought this was a great idea. I finally finished the first sleeve of the baby jumper. This has taken me way to long considering that it’s only about 6 1/2 inches long. I even casted on the next one hopefully this one will be done a little bit more quickly. I would like to get a few more things done before the baby arrives. 

To dye or not to dye

We finally got the kitchen to a point that I could get to some long overdue dyeing. I had a stove, counter, and running water! What luxury!! There’s nothing like living without some of the basics of life to make you really appreciate it. I was able to get 5 skeins and two 4oz rovings done. I also was able to get some knitting time in on the baby jumper. All was well until I got out the measuring tape. I am sometimes amazed that I am unable to count to 4 and still be able to run my life in a reasonably responsible fashion. Needless to say I will be starting over. Oh well at least its small.