You can tell pregnancy brain is getting the better of you when you start forgetting things that in the not so distant past would be second nature. On Saturday I went on a quilting bus trip with my mom. Since I had to leave so early I had all my essentials ready to go (water, food, sunglasses, ect.). We arrive at our destination with only one bathroom stop en-route (I’m very proud of that) only to discover that our first stop was 2 hours away.This should have been obvious but for whatever reason I overlooked the whole bus part of the bus trip. Now I hit panic realizing that I HAVE NO KNITTING. Nothing. No yarn, no needles nothing. I’m starting to break out in a sweat 2 hours to our first stop. What would I do with myself? Sit there, talk? The idea brought panic to my heart. And than… I swear this is true.. a ray of sunshine broke through the clouds illuminating the sign in the quilt shop window  “YARN”. I bought 2 skeins of blue cotton and 2 skeins of green cotton plus a size 7 needle. The day was saved from catastrophe and I wound up with this:
When I finish the hat I’ll write up the pattern and post it.

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