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A Funk

I’m in a funk. It seems everything I do lately is turning out… well, let’s just say not exactly as planned. For example I finished my This Sheep’s for Ewe sweater. Though I’m happy with the shape and details it just wasn’t exactly what I was picturing in my head.  Now that I’ve told you that I’m sure you’ll be tickled to know that I’ll be posting the pattern up on my patterns page in a day or so.

I than painted the babies dresser. Though the color is what I wanted. I for no explainable reason bought an entire gallon of paint for this. I’m  not quite sure how big I thought the dresser was. I actually told this to the paint guy when he questioned my quantity for the dresser.  “Oh yes, I do need a gallon, it’s a very big dresser” No it’s not. It’s an average size dresser. Now what the h**l do I do with this whole gallon of left over paint?

Then I started my February Lady Sweater. Not only did I mess up the pattern, less than 1 repeat in. I kept going. I knew I had made a mistake, but In my current state of denial, thought it might fix itself. Surprisingly this didn’t happen. Now I have to rip it back. Like there was ever going to be any other outcome. I also am not sure I have enough yarn. I suppose I should check that before I go to far.

But most of all I’m restless. Being home all day is definitely something to get used to.  I’m also restricted in what I can do.  I can only be on my feet for a couple of hours at a time, no heavy lifting, blah, blah, blah. Of course having a baby that goes to full term is what all this is about, so I’m trying to be optimistic about all this. With thoughts such as “you can come and go as much as you please,”” in a few months your life will revolve around a little 7lb persons nursing/sleep schedule.” But I’d so dearly love to go out and rototill my garden. Or paint and redecorate the babies room. Going for a nice long horseback ride would be pure heaven. I usually ride March through November. So I’m really suffering withdrawals from that.  And I really, really want an ice-cold BEER. I love cold beer when the weather starts getting summery. ( Actually I love beer in all weather, I am a Wisconsin girl after all).  But I have (at least) 12 weeks before that’s going to happen. Thank God I can still have cheese curds!

Ahh well as my Grandmother used to say “This too shall pass”.


Sticks and Chicks

Spring is definitely here! Some people know it has arrived when the crocuses start peeking through, others when spring cleaning is accomplished. I finally feel like spring has sprung when our baby chicks arrive. Which they did yesterday.  Cute huh? And hungry very hungry.

I have also been working steadily on my This Sheep’s for Ewe sweater. I have it all put together and blocked I just need to put the sheep on and write out the pattern. Hopefully I’ll finish it this weekend.

I also started an infant dress. This may be the first pattern I offer for sale. I wanted something that would grow with the child and also span the seasons. I’m happy with the way it’s turning out, although I did frog it back to the skirt part because I wasn’t satisfied with the bodice. I’m happier now.

My daughter and I are doing the February Lady sweater together. I’m really excited about this. It’s the first project we’ve done together in a long time. It’s also the first project I’ve done for myself since getting pregnant.

Today’s the Day

Today’s the first day of the fiber/roving contest. All you need to do is post a comment on either a blog post, patterns, or yarns and fiber. On May 1st I will contact the winner so you can  tell me which fiber you would like and I will ship it to you.


I have a confession, I dislike hate to shop. This wasn’t always the case.  BC ( before children) I thought shopping was a great pass time. But those were the days  I could enter any store try on a wet paper bag and look relatively cute. It all started to change after my first child. My body had mysteriously altered, now it took a little more effort to find clothes that looked good. Not to mention carting along an infant or toddler definitely decreased the enjoyment. By the time baby #2 arrived things had seriously gone south and taking 2 kids shopping, well lets just say that a trip to the dentist was preferable. At least I could do that alone. It was a quick descent from there. 2 more children arrived and looking “cute” no longer crossed my mind. I was happy when everyone was fed, reasonably clean, and no one was bleeding. This was a successful day. My jeans, having been worn so many days in a row would walk over to greet me in the morning as I was getting dressed.

So imagine my disgust when the other day I realized that I would again, (this is the second shopping trip for this pregnancy) need to go shopping. Because I haven’t been pregnant in ..umm.. sometime I have no maternity clothes. Also having survived my days of small children and pants that take on a life of their own I like to look somewhat put together when I go out. This requires more than my usual outfit of t-shirts and yoga pants I like to wear around the house. So off to the store I go. Now before I start this let me point out that I have gained throughout this pregnancy 3 pounds. This has not been on purpose, food just tastes crappy.( Another cruel joke played by the hands of fate along with the no beer thing.) So I take my selections into the fitting room and get started.  I start with 2 nice, and comfortable looking dresses, in my pre-preganancy size. This  is what they tell you to buy.  I can’t get them past the “girls”! As I stand there in my underwear ( you can’t call undergarments this big panties),  with my arms splayed to the sides, and the dress stuck at chest level all I can think is “They aren’t done growing yet!”. I have 3 months left and as anyone who has ever given birth before knows, they  increase 2-3 cup sizes after birth. I’m trying to imagine what type of NASA engineered devise is going to be required to keep them relatively contained supported. They’re going to need their own zip code for heaven’s sake! The “girls” will be entering rooms minutes before the rest of me. The potential for child suffocation is real with these puppies. They have never gotten this big before. I was heavier when I had my last child so you would think all things being equal they too would be somewhat smaller. And to add injury to insult they hurt so much they are doing no one any good. Least of all poor Craig. I’m wondering if this is another age thing that no one ever tells you about.

The trip did however end on a good note. I started picking up clothes for the baby. Who I’m sure will have no such fitting issues. At first.

I considered putting up a picture of me stuck in the dress, but in the interest of the public good decided to go with cute baby clothes.

WOW!! And a Free drawing

Having come of age before the internet boom took hold I am constantly amazed by its power. Case in point, a few weeks ago I posted my On the Fly baby hat. Within seconds of posting this I was receiving emails and comments on the hat, by the end of the day I had over 120 hits. Now that may not sound like much to you, but keep in mind I am no Yarn Harlot. My life is somewhat dull, my writing is not extraordinary, nor do I know a couple of hundred people who would want to read about a 40-year-old, pregnant, mother of four, and  fiber artist just slupping her way through  life.

I awoke again this morning to discover that my cuddle-up-baby kimono had received, (by 8:30 am CT) 241 hits.  At this posting I am well over double that. I am more than amazed and astonished. So because I have gotten such nice feedback,  I will be holding a drawing for a free skein of yarn or a braid of roving, your choice, from my Etsy store. This drawing will begin on the 15th of April and run through April 30th.

I have also been working on my next pattern, This Sheep’s for Ewe, it will be up sometime next week. So check back soon.

Sweet 16

Today is April 6.  A momentous  occasion in our family. It is my middle daughters birthday. Not just any birthday but her 16th birthday. Sixteen years ago today at about just this time I was locked in a stairwell on the fifth floor outside the maternity ward. You might wonder how such a thing could occur, very easily as it so happens.  I was having light contractions and the doctor thought walking would be a good plan to strengthen them up a bit. So, armed with my usual philosophy of , if a little is good than more must be better, I figured that if walking would strengthen them than running (I use that term lightly as I was 9 months pregnant) up and down 5 flights of stairs a couple of times would certainly get those suckers moving.  I  was right incidentally. A foolproof plan, if I had left the door propped open. Small details, they are always the things that foul up any great idea. So now with my labor in full swing I’m stuck just outside the maternity ward. My long suffering husband,  not the most athletic of men even under the best circumstances and who tried to convince me that running up and down stairs was a bad idea, now has to run all the way back downstairs and around the building to get to the elevators to bring him back to the maternity floor so he could open the door. He accomplished said feat in damn near Olympic time.  We made it back to the room and had our baby girl 45 minutes later. Sometimes I think that the old adage that children survive in spite of us and not because of us, is true.

In those 16 years she has been a joy, that easy baby, who turned into the happy toddler and now that young women has been an irreplaceable gift. Now I see not so much the child that has always been,  but more and more the woman she will be. I couldn’t be prouder!!

Happy Birthday Alex!!

A Birth What??!!!!!!!!!!

So I went to my stitch-n-bitch the other night. I was actually feeling pretty good and I really like these women. But let’s face it most women who knit are relatively happy people.  Anyway I’m happily knitting and talking away when one of the knitters (a new mom) starts talking about  the babies birth. Now I confess in the last 5 1/2 months I have been doing my best to not think about the whole labor thing, (I am an expert at avoidance) but a phrase caught my attention. Blah, blah, blah, Birth plan… What the h***l is a birth plan I’m thinking! My basic plan, which I thought was everyone’s plan was to get said baby out as quickly, safely, and painlessly as possible.  Apparently not, now we need an actual plan.  I hit panic!! Do I need to file said plan with… who? what? The doctor, the hospital? What if it’s not good enough or contain enough information. Will they look at me and say, “Poor women,  how can she possibly be a good parent when she can’t even come up with a birth plan and this is why older women should not have babies.”

Now don’t get me wrong after 4 children I definitely have some ideas about what works and doesn’t work for myself and the baby, but a whole plan, it never crossed my mind. So my plan.. I’m going back to not thinking about it for another 4 months. I feel better already.

That said, I finished the baby kimono. the pattern is on my patterns page. I plan to make a little hat to go with it. I should also finish up my baby jumper today, so I’ll post pics when it’s totally finished.