Sweet 16

Today is April 6.  A momentous  occasion in our family. It is my middle daughters birthday. Not just any birthday but her 16th birthday. Sixteen years ago today at about just this time I was locked in a stairwell on the fifth floor outside the maternity ward. You might wonder how such a thing could occur, very easily as it so happens.  I was having light contractions and the doctor thought walking would be a good plan to strengthen them up a bit. So, armed with my usual philosophy of , if a little is good than more must be better, I figured that if walking would strengthen them than running (I use that term lightly as I was 9 months pregnant) up and down 5 flights of stairs a couple of times would certainly get those suckers moving.  I  was right incidentally. A foolproof plan, if I had left the door propped open. Small details, they are always the things that foul up any great idea. So now with my labor in full swing I’m stuck just outside the maternity ward. My long suffering husband,  not the most athletic of men even under the best circumstances and who tried to convince me that running up and down stairs was a bad idea, now has to run all the way back downstairs and around the building to get to the elevators to bring him back to the maternity floor so he could open the door. He accomplished said feat in damn near Olympic time.  We made it back to the room and had our baby girl 45 minutes later. Sometimes I think that the old adage that children survive in spite of us and not because of us, is true.

In those 16 years she has been a joy, that easy baby, who turned into the happy toddler and now that young women has been an irreplaceable gift. Now I see not so much the child that has always been,  but more and more the woman she will be. I couldn’t be prouder!!

Happy Birthday Alex!!


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