For the Love of Horses

One of my all time favorite things in the whole world is horses. I love the way they look, the way they smell, the way they feel and just about everything else about them. They are truly one of the most honest of Gods creatures. Their emotions are right out there. If they’re  scared, interested, annoyed, hungry, they let you know. They are also one of the most hard-working and willing to please animals. All that just to say that I am seriously missing my horses. In a usual year I ride from March until right before hunting season at the end of November. I have discovered that it is sooo not a good idea to take a brown colored animal out in the northwoods when you have a bunch of liquiored up, testosterone filled, rednecks with loaded weopons running around the woods.

This year of course riding is out. It was one of the first things that popped into my head when I found out I was pregnant. Being me and living my life largely in denial I thought, well maybe I could ride up until May. I’ll do the math for you, that would have made me 7 months pregnant obviously not an option. What’s worse and what I didn’t fully grasp in the beginning was not only couldn’t I ride I also can’t work with them. I’m so big and slow that I can’t get out of their way quick enough when I need to. I discovered that the hard way, luckily with no ill effects. My daughters have been riding of course and every time they leave I fell like a cranky toddler wanting to throw a temper tantrum. I do realize how “mature” that sounds. this is them leaving the other day.   I left out the picture of me crying and stamping my foot. 

Isn't she gorgeous?!

This is my mare.

We’ve been through a lot together. I got her shortly after my divorce and she kept me sane as well as off medication. We’ve spend countless hours together. She’s an excellent listener, sweet, affectionate, and can also be a little “spirited”.  This is a trait I truly admire. She has broken my finger, cracked my ribs and turned me a shade of black that I didn’t know the human body could achieve. Most of those incidences were my fault because I failed to pay close enough attention to her signals. This is her watching the girls leave on their ride. And since we have a near telepathic sense of communication I’ll roughly translate what it is she’s thinking. It goes something like this.” If you were going to get yourself knocked up, you shameless hussy, the least you could’ve done was plan it around our riding season.”I told you they were honest.


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