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Wee Mitts, Hats, and Bootees

I’ve been having way to much fun with little projects. Making me feel productive and giving me a good chuckle to boot.  Issy’s hands are always cold so Ashlyn talked me into making her a pair of mittens. The results are too cute for words. Wee Mitts are posted on my pattern page.

I also made a matching pair of “shoes” from Saartje’s Bootees.

Hats have been on the needles as well. This is from my stash, it’s a box hat. Just a side note. It’s remarkably difficult to get a good picture of both the baby and the hat while trying to hold  the camera and the squirming infant who is desperately trying to get back into my arms.


How can you not adore that face?!!


And this is from my hand painted organic merino. These last two I decided to put on my etsy shop. I also started a pumpkin hat that I hope to finish before her Dr. appointment tomorrow. Pics to come:)

Believe it or not these were the best two pictures out of no less than twenty five.  She obviously has no regard for the knitted arts.




New dyes and rovings put to good use

I love to get mail, well maybe not bills, ok definitely not bills. But packages are great, and this week kinda felt like Christmas. It all started with my box from Motherwear. I believe I’ve mentioned my dislike loathing for shopping, you couple that with an infant who has similar opinions on car riding, and hitting the mall has about as much appeal as a barefoot trek through the Himalayas. Even in the best of times I will put off shopping until my attire is on the verge of a public offense. I realized I had again hit that point when we decided to visit some friends and all I could find to wear left me looking more like a homeless person than a reasonably functional adult . I’m not looking the greatest right now as it is. I’m tired, my face seems to think it is going through a second puberty, and my body, well lets just say that  having a baby after 40 and having it be your fifth means recovering your preconception figure is going to take a considerably longer time than it did when you were in your twenties. This means that the only thing I can really control  are my clothes. So shopping I must go. My jeans actually fit. All right so they are a little snug over my  baby bulge, but close enough that at least I don’t have to go jean shopping, which in my personal opinion is almost as bad as bathing suit shopping. An activity best prepared for with a few stiff drinks, an anti-depressant, and an appointment with your counselor.  So really all I need to get are tops.  I need tops that offer two things A). easy nursing access, and B). good, discreet coverage.  I’m tickled pink with my order and also with the fact I didn’t have to hit the mall to get them. This is my kind of shopping.


My next packages arrived on the same day. A Big box full of rovings and dye to dye the big box of rovings. This means that if Issy cooperates I can get back to dyeing my yarns and fiber a couple of times a week like I did before hurricane Isabelle arrived.

On that very same day I received an email letting me know that my yarn (that I ordered in the beginning of September) has finally been released from customs. It will be arriving late this week or early next week. Now I’m all for national security but how in the name of all things woolly can yarn look in any way like a national threat. It’s soft and squishy with a lovely earthy scent, how long could it possibly take to determine that if it looks like yarn and smells like yarn it probably is yarn. Approximately 29 days that’s how long. But I digress, so I now have that long overdue desperately needed package to look forward to.