Catching Up

I’m still here! Contrary to what it might look like, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. So this is what happened. Back in October I was spending so much time nursing the wee one,  and feeling unproductive. I decided to do something about that.  It has been pointed out to me that giving life and sustaining that life is a productive use of ones time, but still, I decided it wasn’t enough soooooo, I started another Etsy shop WeeWoolieKnitz.  This has been quite a bit of fun, albeit hectic through the holidays. Now it’s evened out a bit so I’ll try to post more regularly.

Some hats!!

As babies will do Isabelle has been growing like a weed. At 6 months she is still a little mite, 13lbs  05oz. She makes up for her small size in personality.

Hanging out with daddy. I believe Craig enjoyed it as much/more than Isabelle!

She loves to “talk” and makes sure that we all know her feelings on…  well,  everything. Between Craig, the girls and myself she gets what I’m sure is more attention than she should.  Physically she is learning to sit up unassisted, but will topple over if she forgets to concentrate. Rolling over is a favorite and makes diaper changing a challenge. She loves her jumperoo, and since our weather is beginning to soften we have been able to get out for some walks in her new stroller.

This makes me extremely happy. I am craving the exercise. Some women can give birth and look fantastic afterwards, I sadly am not one of them. My body is soft and mushy and looks like I just had a baby. While I’m sure my babies love the pillowy feel, I do not. The reality of my new body was driven home when we decided to take a mini-vacation to a waterpark.

I thought of deleting myself out of this but, decided a dose of reality is good for the soul. The wave pool was a big hit with all the girls.


Lots of knitting has been getting done, though most of it has been hats. I made A sweet jumper and leg warmers. I’ll take pics and post it soon.


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