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Getting Back to….Normal??

Well at least my new version of normal. Gone are the days of doing mostly what I want when I want (albeit around my teenage girls, work, and Craig). After 9 almost 10 months of “new” motherhood I feel like we’ve turned a corner. Isabelle is sleeping through the night, napping on her own, eating solid food,  and nursing about half as often as she was a month ago.

I am taking full advantage of all my “free” time.  In the past week I have planted all my baskets and containers, weeded my porch garden, gone for a ride on my horse with my girls, (the first in 18 months), dyed 15   skeins of yarn, and made Isabelle 3 skirties.

Even with all the extra demands of an infant I can honestly say we are having a blast. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we are older or that we only have one little one, but this time around we are marveling at each new milestone. And sharing all her delightful antics with anyone and everyone who will listen. To Craig’s absolute delight she loves, loves, loves anything with wheels. When she hears the four-wheeler start-up her legs start going and she squeals in delight. I have been known to track down the person on the 4-wheeler to take her for a ride, because she is so worked up. This past weekend Craig brought home the tractor-backhoe from work. He said it was to do some clean-up around the farm, but I honestly believe it was to take Isabelle for a ride. She spent about 4 hours off and on in it and couldn’t have been happier. Ashlyn also got to drive and move dirt. (she is now rethinking her hairdressing career, maybe playing with big equipment all day would be more fun).


Keeping busy

Well, it’s August. I’m still here, still hugely pregnant, and obviously no baby.  I went to the Dr. Friday and since I am measuring 42 weeks (it’s no wonder I can’t breathe) if I don’t have her by next Friday they will send me to labor and delivery and I will be induced. That is definitely not my ideal way to go but, having a nice healthy baby is the goal, so I will suck it up and go with the flow. We have all but decided on a name, to be announced when our little one makes her grand entrance.

All MIne!!!

In the mean time I spent yesterday dyeing yarn, and will be getting pictures today if the weather cooperates. I even dyed a skein for myself of that wonderful silk/merino yarn. I plan to make a bonnet for the baby for the fall/winter. I’ll have to find just the right pattern. My youngest Daughter helped with the dyeing,  so we got to spend some quality one on one time together. I always love having each of the kids on their own. Even the kids who are not kids anymore. This is something that has gotten a lot easier as they have gotten older. When they were all little it was a rare event. So I appreciate it all the more. I’m still amazed they actually want to spend time with me given their respective ages. (22, 18, 16, &12)

Craig,  Alexandra and Ashlyn   cut and stacked wood yesterday. I thought this more physical activity might help start my labor. I didn’t however take into account a few key elements of doing wood. A). You need actual shoes. that’s a bit of a problem. I not only can’t reach my feet, I don’t have shoes that fit. So I just wore my flip-flops. I knew I would hear some protesting, but since I have been a hormonal mess lately, I knew they wouldn’t say too much. B). I can’t bend down. this makes picking up the wood to either put it in the truck or in the splitter rather difficult, since it obviously doesn’t jump into your hands. And finally C). I settled on stacking the wood in the truck to be transported to the lean-to where we keep it. Hard to believe, but I miss calculated the girth of my belly. I couldn’t lean in far enough to actually stack the wood on the truck.  It was at this point that I gave up and went for a walk waddle. I now know that the reason my family didn’t give me too much grief on the whole wood thing was because, they had already figured out A, B, & C.

Today we decided to live dangerously, by tempting the labor Gods. We are finally laying our living room floor. We’ve had the flooring since the remodel this spring but one thing or another has kept us from getting to it, until now. Truthfully I think it would still be put on hold until the fall in favor of the millions of outside projects that need to be done, if Craig wasn’t feeling sorry for me. I’ll take what I can get at this point, I’m not proud.

For the Love of Horses

One of my all time favorite things in the whole world is horses. I love the way they look, the way they smell, the way they feel and just about everything else about them. They are truly one of the most honest of Gods creatures. Their emotions are right out there. If they’re  scared, interested, annoyed, hungry, they let you know. They are also one of the most hard-working and willing to please animals. All that just to say that I am seriously missing my horses. In a usual year I ride from March until right before hunting season at the end of November. I have discovered that it is sooo not a good idea to take a brown colored animal out in the northwoods when you have a bunch of liquiored up, testosterone filled, rednecks with loaded weopons running around the woods.

This year of course riding is out. It was one of the first things that popped into my head when I found out I was pregnant. Being me and living my life largely in denial I thought, well maybe I could ride up until May. I’ll do the math for you, that would have made me 7 months pregnant obviously not an option. What’s worse and what I didn’t fully grasp in the beginning was not only couldn’t I ride I also can’t work with them. I’m so big and slow that I can’t get out of their way quick enough when I need to. I discovered that the hard way, luckily with no ill effects. My daughters have been riding of course and every time they leave I fell like a cranky toddler wanting to throw a temper tantrum. I do realize how “mature” that sounds. this is them leaving the other day.   I left out the picture of me crying and stamping my foot. 

Isn't she gorgeous?!

This is my mare.

We’ve been through a lot together. I got her shortly after my divorce and she kept me sane as well as off medication. We’ve spend countless hours together. She’s an excellent listener, sweet, affectionate, and can also be a little “spirited”.  This is a trait I truly admire. She has broken my finger, cracked my ribs and turned me a shade of black that I didn’t know the human body could achieve. Most of those incidences were my fault because I failed to pay close enough attention to her signals. This is her watching the girls leave on their ride. And since we have a near telepathic sense of communication I’ll roughly translate what it is she’s thinking. It goes something like this.” If you were going to get yourself knocked up, you shameless hussy, the least you could’ve done was plan it around our riding season.”I told you they were honest.