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I’ve been asked by many of my customers if I have a Facebook page.  I don’t. Or rather I didn’t.  My girls talked me into letting them set up a personal page? account? Whatever it’s called.  I rarely use it.  I can’t for the life of me see that anything in my life is really that interesting that most people would want to read about it. The few people who I know that are interested in the mundane happenings of my life I talk to regularly.  I realize this makes me sound even “cooler” than I probably already do.  Another large part of my ambivalence is I’m extremely un-tech savvy. (Is that a word?) I have no problem sending email, updating my blog, or any of the other basic skills that are standard issue for most kindergarteners.these days.  Once we move beyond that… well it’s a different story.  So since Isabelle decided Sunday morning that 4:45 am was a fine time to start her I day, (after all the birds are up aren’t they?) I with my sleep fuzzy brain felt this would be a fine time to tackle Facebook. Here is my progress so far Cowgirlknits on facebook. Now if I can figure out how to add a link to my blog. Just to prove my point the link is not working, but how hard can it be to find?

On a more comfortable note, I decided to add some new types of yarn to my line. The first type is a chunky merino hand spun look yarn. It’s super soft and I was really happy how it dyed up.

I’ll make a confession here, I actually bought it to knit up this  little sweater for Isabelle, but after I saw how it dyed up I felt guilty. I’ve already ordered more and can’t wait to dye it up. I still plan to knit this sweater, it just looks adorable!


Getting Back to….Normal??

Well at least my new version of normal. Gone are the days of doing mostly what I want when I want (albeit around my teenage girls, work, and Craig). After 9 almost 10 months of “new” motherhood I feel like we’ve turned a corner. Isabelle is sleeping through the night, napping on her own, eating solid food,  and nursing about half as often as she was a month ago.

I am taking full advantage of all my “free” time.  In the past week I have planted all my baskets and containers, weeded my porch garden, gone for a ride on my horse with my girls, (the first in 18 months), dyed 15   skeins of yarn, and made Isabelle 3 skirties.

Even with all the extra demands of an infant I can honestly say we are having a blast. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we are older or that we only have one little one, but this time around we are marveling at each new milestone. And sharing all her delightful antics with anyone and everyone who will listen. To Craig’s absolute delight she loves, loves, loves anything with wheels. When she hears the four-wheeler start-up her legs start going and she squeals in delight. I have been known to track down the person on the 4-wheeler to take her for a ride, because she is so worked up. This past weekend Craig brought home the tractor-backhoe from work. He said it was to do some clean-up around the farm, but I honestly believe it was to take Isabelle for a ride. She spent about 4 hours off and on in it and couldn’t have been happier. Ashlyn also got to drive and move dirt. (she is now rethinking her hairdressing career, maybe playing with big equipment all day would be more fun).

Knitting Time

Merino/silk. It's also superwash!

My knitting time these days is a precious commodity, actually any me time is in short supply.  So I’m trying to use what time I have to the utmost potential. Our weather has gone from quite warm to suddenly very cool.  I started a simple rolled brim stocking hat for the baby a couple of weeks ago from my hand painted merino/silk. I managed to get the knitting finished now all I need to do is add the embellishment and a tassel.

Since the hat used such a small amount of yarn I casted on for a pair of mittens. These are to cute for words and went really quickly. I especially like not having to put in thumbs, that is  my least favorite part of knitting mittens. Ashlyn wants me to make her a pair as well, I wonder if she would notice/mind if I skipped the thumbs on her pair. Probably.

Too cute!

I also started another soaker . I’ve never used these with my other children, but I have to say I absolutely love them. They hold in moisture and leaks but are still breathable. I’ve had two leaks so far with her and they were both in disposables. I’m using the Curly Purly Soaker pattern and my Blue faced leicester in dk weight. They recommend worsted weight (I have some of those too) but I’m finding no difference in their containment abilities. Maybe this will change as she grows, but she could be an Olympic contender in the urinating department.

When I finish the embellishments on the hat I’ll post the pattern.

A Little Shameless Advertising

Time is just zooming by.  I’m trying to get some yarn and rovings not only dyed ahead of baby-boos ( yes, we still don’t have a name yet) arrival, but pictures taken, and enough inventory put aside that I can continue to keep not only my Etsy store stocked but my two local yarn stores as well. I thought I had everything pretty much under control (this of course is the illusion that I have continued to bumble through life with).  So I spent Sunday hand painting a new type of yarn. I have to say I’m totally in love with it. It’s a superwash ultafine merino/ silk blend. It’s wonderfully soft and luminescent. Pure luxury without having to hand wash it. Does life get any better??

See what I mean?

It’s so wonderful I very seriously contemplated dying up the whole shebang for myself. The only thing that stopped me is I just don’t have time to knit it up now and my inventory is seriously low. Sales in the summer months are usually slower but for some reason June has been particularly busy. Not that I’m complaining mind you. It has been a real adjustment going from two full time incomes to just Craigs and my fiber/yarn sales.

Today’s the Day

Today’s the first day of the fiber/roving contest. All you need to do is post a comment on either a blog post, patterns, or yarns and fiber. On May 1st I will contact the winner so you can  tell me which fiber you would like and I will ship it to you.

I think I need a 12 step program

I think I may need help. I no sooner get done with the last of my undyed wool when like a chocoholic vowing to stay away from the candy aisle I decide to just look at the undyed yarn. Next thing I know I’m pressing paynow on my paypal account. The time between I’ll just look and pay now is a blur. Oh well I’ll be good from now on.

The only excuse I have is that I have been getting lots of knitting done. Two pairs of socks, my forget-me-not wrap that I plan to submit to Knitty, and the Pam Allen shrug I’ve been dying to do for years now.