Forget-Me-Not Wrap

This wrap was a very, very easy knit. Something simple that you don’t have to think to hard about. The worst part of it was having to weave in all the ends. You can avoid this by simply using one colorway.  You can vary the width by increasing/decreasing stitches.


The pattern uses 3 skeins of Dk weight yarn.

If you choice to use one colorway you would need 2 skeins of yarn. (About 432 yards)

I used 1 skein of variegated Cowgirlknitz  Handpainted Dk (216 yards per skein) weight baby Alpaca in Forget-Me-Not. (MC)

1 skein Spring Meadow (CC 1)

1 skein Lullaby (CC 2)


Size 6,  24 inch circular needles.

5 stitches to the inch. Gauge is not critical for this wrap. (I just love that!!)


Row s 1-6: Knit ( Garter Stitch)

Row 2: Knit 1, yo, repeat

Row 3: Knit the knit stitches, drop the yo stitches

Cast on 3 stitches. Increase every RS row until wrap is the width you would like. Mine measures 15 inches wide. I had a total of 80 stitches.

When wrap is the width you would like continue in pattern for 30 inches. Than decrease at the end of every RS row. My wrap measures 67 inches you can increase/decrease the length by adding or subtracting pattern repeats.

The pattern for my 3 colors was as follows:

CC1: 1 repeat

MC: 3 repeats

CC2: 1 repeat

MC: 3 repeats

This pattern is not yet available as a download, but will be shortly. Check back soon!!


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